HH the Jekhenpo with HM the King

To me, a monk by appearance, in this degenerated age,

Have been asked by some dharma friends

To write a spiritual autobiography.

But When I carefully examine my life,

First of all, for lacking ten merits,

My birthplace is devoid of beauty and serenity.

For having no noble ancestry

My parents lack aristocracy.  

In time of my conception and birth

Celestial signs did not fall out.

Although recognized as the reincarnation of a monk,

I do not have extraordinarypredecessors.

Numerous masters have taken care of me,

Yet I have not pleased them in the three ways!

When I studied as a monk,

I had no persistence and extensive learning.

Although privileged for encountering with teachings that liberate,

I do not possess a sign of practicing it.

I am denominated to the chieftain,

Yet I have no ability to liberate others.

Although I hold agrand stature on a high throne,

I am devoid of power to subdue ghosts and demonic forces.

Where can there be a spiritual autobiography where nine qualities lack!

But claiming what one lacks, is a mere lie of a Lama.

To write it myself, insignificant it is.

To bespeak other would mean more insignificant.

Why is there a need of exaggerating lies! 

Therefore,YuthokYonten Goenpo said,

‘Spiritual biography is a bag of lies.’

Yes!True it is to beings like me.

But, to those who possess enormous wisdom,

How can his assertion apply!

For example, to the great yogi Milarepa,

And likewise, to great masters of India and Tibet.

Considering an account of the facts,

As the spiritual biography is a mistake.

If following some one’s actions and practice,

Leads to liberation, only then its spiritual biography.

But praise for merits and noble actions,

Is called a plain memoir.

Even though spiritual biography can be a memoir,

Can a plain memoir qualify to be aspiritual biography!

For it is meaningless even to qualify for a plain memoir,

I do not a wish for spiritual biography.

As expressions are out of my ignorant understanding,

It is not intended for add on to elegant sayings of the wise.

By His Holiness the 70th Jekhenpo Trulku Jigme Choeda

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