Padmasambhava, the lotus born

The King Indrabhuti, blind and devoid of heir, encountered with the eight-year-old boy seated crossed-legs in a lotus bloom floating in Lake Dhanakosha, in his kingdom of Oddiyana, while on the mission to find wish-fulfilling-jewel. The king adopted the boy and installed him as the crown prince. The mysterious boy was named Padmasambhava, the lotus born.

Padmasambhava married Prabhavati and embraced the kingdom with compassion but was exiled for killing a minister’s son. He roamed through numerous charnel grounds receiving empowerments and practicing yogic disciplines.

Guru with his consort Yeshe Tshogyal

He learned Yoga Tantra from Prabhahasti, received empowerment from the Wisdom Dakini Kungamo and teachings on the eight great Sadhanas from the Eight Vidyadharas. He received the Secret Essence Tantra from Buddhaguhya and Dzogchen from Sri Singha.

Rewalsar Lake, HP, India

In Zahor, Padmasambhava took the Royal Princess Mandarava as his consort only to be burnt alive together by the king and ministers but he transformed the pyre into a lake that is called Rewalsar Lake in Himachal Pradesh at present. The duo then left for Oddiyana and remained there for 13 years spreading the teaching.

He practiced the sadhana at Yangloshoe with consort Shakyadevi, the Royal Princess of Nepal. From there, he travelled to Bumthang in Bhutan at the behest of King Sindhu Raja. The local deity, Shelgin Karpo, snatched the king’s life-soul making the king ill. Padmasambhava entered Bhutan via Nabji and Korphug in Zhemgang, subdued the local deity, and the king recovered.

Kurje where Guru left imprints of his body

Padmasambhava then went to Tibet and built Samye Monastery on the behest of King Thrisong Detsen. Together with translators and disciples, he translated all Buddhist texts into Tibetan. He made prophecies about the future, and together with Yeshe Tshogyal, concealed countless terma teachings in the Himalayan regions that would be revealed later.

On his way back, he flew to Taktshang in Paro on the back of Khandro Yeshe Tshogyal, whom he transformed into a flying tigress, via Lhuntse.

Taktshang, the Tiger’s Nest

Today, Padmasambhava is known as Guru Rinpochey meaning the precious master. He was, without doubt, the incarnation of Buddha. Before Lord Buddha left for the pure land, he prophesied of his rebirth and activities for the benefit of all sentient beings. Not only he introduced Tantric Buddhism in Tibet, Bhutan and India, reincarnations of his 25 disciples and 5 principal consorts continue to benefit the world and the sentient beings.

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