Until a couple of Bhutanese picked up blogging in the last decade, travel websites were the only source information on Bhutan. That does not mean no body has blogged on Bhutan. Yes! Hundreds of blogs on Bhutan are available on internet. But, all of them are written by foreigners. Some of them have never visited Bhutan.    

Here are 10 of the best travel blogs in Bhutan written by Bhutanese.

1. is a Bhutanese travel blog and ultimate guide for travelers in Bhutan. The blog contains a mass of information on Bhutan including travel destination, photography and activities to do.

It’s a work of Bhutanese man Sherab Tenzin. Since he moved to Singapore in 2017, the blog began to cover travel related topics of Singapore.


Tshering Denkar’s passion for traveling gave birth to She is the first female Bhutanese solo traveler.

Her blog contains her personal journeys mostly within Bhutan and sometimes, outside country.   

Her videos can be viewed in YouTube Channel, Denkars Getaway.


Another travel blog from Bhutan is The blog covers Bhutan’s interesting facts, places to visit, culture, nature, extraordinary people and many more.

The blog is founded and maintained by Sonam Chow based in Thimphu.  


A professional wildlife photographer, Yeshey Dorji blogs at The subject of the blog is multiple. The blog contains Bhutan’s tourism, environment and culture. The blog also shares a series of money and banking history of Bhutan.

As a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Thimphu, he shares stories of philanthropy through the blog. And the blog contains many high resolution photos of wildlife.

5. is a blog on natural and spiritual health maintained by Choki Wangmo. She shares her joy in travelling to the mountains and being there in the blog. The blog also explores plants of the Himalayas that contains medicinal properties.

She labels herself as a sustainable developer by education, Buddhist by choice, blogger and reader by passion and a nature enthusiast, loving the healing energy of mountains.

She shares a lot of book reviews though her blog. 

6. is run by Tashi Phuntsho. The blog was born out of his passion for natural biodiversity and wildlife. Tashi aspires to create awareness on importance of environment, biodiversity and wildlife through the blog.


An addition to the list of travel and food blogs in Bhutan, covers cooking and travel tips. The blog is created by Tashi Choden. She plans to cover make-up tips in the blog in near future.


Tashi Lhamo, a teacher by profession is another passionate solo traveler. She started her blog to share her travel stories and motivate more local traveler. 

She says she is obsessed with mountains and roads and delving into nature and tradition refuels her energy. 


Prior to blogging, Phub Dorji Wang was already popular on Facebook attracting thousands of viewers. Began in early 2019, his blog, covers on tradition, Buddhism, prayers, Buddhist Astrology, sacred places and important figures. 


The oldest blog in Bhutan is A former school teacher, Passang Tshering, is the man behind the blog. The blog does not fit into any category as it contains various subjects and issues.

His blog touches on history, culture, community services and his personal life experiences.

As the founder and executive director of Bhutan Toilet Organization, he shares about toilet and sanitation issues in Bhutan through the blog.

Other blogs you may like


Bhutan’s only blog that covers information and technology, shares thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in the fields of computer science or information technology, ranging from blogging to programming.

The blog is maintained by Sonam Dargay, an information technology graduate from the College of Science and Technology in Bhutan. 


Karma Phuntsho is the man behind The blog provides latest trends news from Bhutan and abroad. The blog also covers blogging and travel tips. 

Celebrities and their earnings and lifestyle is the main content that attracts thousands of viewers to the blog.


Managed by Karma, is an entertainments blog. The blog covers Bhutanese films, celebrities and entertainment shows.


Themed ‘MaanKiBaat’ which means words from the heart in Hindi, covers current issues related to Bhutan.

The blog is maintained by Dorji Wanchuk who levels himself as engineer, communication scholar and educator – and a dog lover and passionate about airplanes, coffee and travelling.


A lawyer and a former member of the Royal Advisory Council, Sangey blogs at Started in 2013, his blog covers politics, history and current issues pertaining of Bhutan.Sometimes, he shares his personal experiences through the blog.

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