Guru Rinpochey

A place in Bhutan 
That I have not set my foot on,
Even the size of a horse-hoe 
Or sesame is not there!

Just by traveling there, 
One would find the path to liberation.

My followers, who practice the dharma,
Flee to the southern gorges— 
The hidden sacred land!

Find a retreat place, 
At the southern gate, 
Of the southern gorges.
If you did this what you accomplish 
In seven years in Tibet,
You will accomplish it 
In seven days in these sacred places of Bhutan.

At mountain gorges and snow crevices 
In the border regions of southern Tibet,
And at the forested gorges, 
So forth, in all types of gorges,
As they will be needed at a future time.

I, Padmasamabhava, blessed 
And left them as it is.
Dharma Yogis could obtain accomplishment 
In these places very quickly.

All country gods and local spirits 
Will protect them from obstacle makers.
Even devils and non-Buddhist heretics 
Will not occur!
It is the fatherland 
Of all the dharma practitioners.

At the border between Mon and Tibet, 
Are the four greater hidden lands.
Eight lesser hidden lands 
And ten thousand sub-hidden lands,
I, Padmasambhava, concealed them 
As they will be of use in future!

By Padmasambhava

2 thoughts on “Why Bhutan Is So Special: a prophecy by Guru Rinpochey

  1. Wow… Thank you for sharing this great prophecy. Could you please share the name of the original text or book? I really need to know the original source as I would like to share about this prophecy. Thank you so very mich in advance…

    1. Thank you for going through the blog. The lines are from the Mind Accomplishment
      that Bears the Seal of Secrecy (thugs sgrub gsang ba rgya can)
      Keep visiting the blog!

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