Although beauty lies in the eye of beholder, Bhutanese actresses can comfortably compete with the rest of the world. Without plastic surgery or too much of make-up, Bhutanese actresses are beautiful and attractive. And talented!

1.Tandin Bidha

Tandin Bidha

Tandin Bidha is one of the most sought and critically claimed actresses of Bhutan. She debuted in the film ‘Home Sweet Home’ at the age of 17 in 2005. Till date, she has acted in more than 30 feature films and won 2 National Best Actor Female awards for the film, ‘Chisem Chilu’ (2010) and ‘Boom Batha Chenmi Rinzin’ (2016). She produced her own film ‘Selzin’ in 2013.

She was an anchor for the reality singing show, the Voice of Bhutan, in 2018.

2. Tshoki Tshomo

Tshoki Tshomo

After winning Miss Bhutan title in 2008, Tshoki Tshomo acted in her debut film ‘Sem Gawi Tasha’ in 2009. The film bagged her Best New Comer (Female) award. She then started her own production house ‘Etho Metho Pictures’ and produced critically acclaimed films such as ‘Sharchokpa Zamin’, ‘Galuya Malap’, ‘Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogyal’ and ‘Meto Pema’.

She holds the record of winning 4 National Fim Awards in the category of Best Actress for 4 times for the film Sharchokpa Zamin (2010), Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogyal (2012), My Teacher, My World (2013) and Meto Pema (2015).

She set new trends in films by her skills and went on to win award for the best comic roles for the films, ‘Wai Lama Kencho (2016), Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogyal (2012) and Azai Dhrey (2018).

3. Sherab Lhamo

Sherab Lhamo

Sherab Lhamo first appeared in the film ‘Drazin Lhamo’ (2012) but augmented to fame with the film ‘Loksho, the Undying Love of Pemi Tshewang Tashi’ produced in 2014. The films, ‘Drukdra Lingpi Tashi’ (2015) and ‘Hum Chewi Zamling’ (2016) bagged her awards for best actress and best supporting actress respectively.

Her 2017 film, ‘Ngi Tsawi Lam’ was a block buster of the year.

4. Deki Lhamo

With endearing personality and enchanting beauty, Deki Lhamo first appeared in the film ‘Samsara’ (2016). Though the film failed at the box office, her performance was highly acclaimed. In the same year, she acted in the film, ‘Pot of Gold’ and took away the award for the Best New Comer (female).

She is known for the blockbuster films like ‘Hingtam Bangzoe’ and ‘Gaki Choelu Ga.’

5. Tshering Yangki

Tshering Yangki

Tshering Yangki began her entertainment career in 2013 with the film ‘Samoo’ as the lead but rose to fame only after she performed in ‘Mermaid 2’ in 2014. Till date, she has acted in 14 films. She last performed in ‘Singye’ in 2018.

Besides acting, she is an occasional singer.

6. Tshering Zam

Tshering Zam

Although Tshering Zam did not win the Miss Bhutan (2010) title, veteran filmmaker Tshering Gyeltshen noticed her beauty and talent that landed her in the film world. Her performance in debut film, ‘Thank You Sir’ (2012) was much appreciated by the audience. The film bagged her awards for the best new comer and best actor in female category.

She last appeared in the block buster film, ‘Mitshey Sumgi Drog,’ a tale of three generations.

7. Kezang D Wangmo

Kezang D Wangmo

Kezang D Wangmo made her acting debut in the film ‘Semgi Damtshi’ alongside Chencho Dorji. The film was a success and she received awards for the best new comer and the best actress.

At the peak of her career in film industry, she joined politics in 2013 and won from her constituency. After her term as Member of the Parliament ended in 2018, she resigned from politics and made return to acting.

Her comeback film ‘Superstar’ (2018) bagged her best female actor award.

8. Sonam Choki

Sonam Choki

While 8 girls have rejected the role of the lead in the film, ‘Muti Thrishing, the perfect girl’ in 2005, Sonam Choki went forward and performed in the film. The film was critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Her performance was much appreciated and that’s how she got her nick name, Muti Thrishing. She received awards for the best new comer and best actor from that film.

She then went on to appear in successful films such as ‘Sergyel’ (2007), Golden Cup (2007), and ‘Bardo’ (2009). Till date, she has starred in 13 films.

9. Lhaki Dolma

Lhaki Dolma

Lhaki Dolma’s film career kicked off in 1999 with the film ‘Khowa’ followed by ‘Chepi Bu’ in 2000.  ‘Chepi Bu’ was a block buster and her performance bagged her award for the best female actor. She again received award for actress in 2008 for the film ‘Seday’.

Lhaki Dolma has appeared in critically acclaimed films such as ‘Hum Chewi Zamling’ (2016), ‘Chogyal Drimey Kuendhen’ (2015), and ‘Bardo’ (2009).

In 2018, she was elected by people of her district as the Member of Parliament in the National Council.

10. Dhendup Dema

Dhendup Dema

Dhendup Dema accidentally landed in an acting career with supporting role in the film ‘Karma’ made in 2012. She went on to appearing in films such as ‘Nga Gamo’ (2014) and ‘Drukpa Kinley’ (2015). She produced and acted in ‘Wai Lama Kencho’ (2016).

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