10. Jigme Wangchuk

Jigme Wangchuk

Jigme Wanghchuk went to film school in India and after returning home, he assisted director Pelden Dorji. He then directed ‘Zhizang; in 2006.

He debuted in 2008 in the film ‘Arunachal Pradesh to Thimphu’ opposite Kinley Pelden. His performance was loved by audience and the film was a commercial success. The film earned him award for the best new comer.

He then went to on direct and act in ‘Arunachal Pradesh to Thimphu 2’ ‘Azha Passa’ (2012) and ‘Shacho Bumdila’ (2017). He is also a singer, song composer and choreographer.

9. Tandin Sonam

Tandin Sonam

Tandin Sonam debuted in 2010 in the film ‘Sleeping Beauty’. The film earned him popularity especially among youth. His next film in 2011, ‘Singem’ was received well by the audience. He appeared in commercially successful films such as ‘Say You Love Me’ (2012), Choelo Dorji (2016) and ‘Hingtam Bangzoe’ (2017). He has acted in 10 films till date.

Besides acting, he is a song composer and script writer. He sings occasionally. He also gave a try in direction in 2014. He is also a lawyer. 

8. Tshering Phuntsho

Tshering Phuntsho

Tshering Phuntsho debuted with supporting role in Singye Galem directed by Tshering Wangyel in 2007. His took a lead role in 2008 in the film ‘Sherubtse Gamiga’. He went on to act in more than 25 films. He took away award for the best supporting role in ‘Hago Nangmey’ produced by himself with fellow actor Chencho Dorji in 2010.

He is known for leading roles in ‘Bardo’ (2009), ‘Sega Mathang’ (2016), and ‘Hum Chewi Zamling’ (2016). He was last associated with the film ‘5060’ in 2017. In 2015, he directed and produced ‘Wai Lama Kencho’ starring Tshokye Tshomo and Karma Choechong.

7. Karma Choechong

Karma Choechong

Karma Choechong first appeared in ‘Sherabtse Gamiga’ in 2008. He then appeared in ‘Semdha Sem’ opposite Namkha Lhamo.

He directed ‘Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogyal’ in 2010, ‘My Teacher, My World’ in 2012 and ‘Meto Pema’ in 2014. Best director. ‘My Teacher, My World’ earned him award for best director.

He last acted in ‘Superstar’, ‘Karma Mindu’ and ‘Wind of Karma’ in 2019. Till date, he has acted in around 30 films.

6. Sonam Tenzin

Sonam Tenzin

Sonam Tenzin is one of the most handsome and charming actors in Bhutan for his flawless personality. He gained popularity in 2007 for his debut film ‘Sergyel’ and got the name Sergyel. He then took a break of 5 years.

He returned to silver screen in the film ‘Drang Golay’ and ‘Loksho’ in 2014. He took away award for best supporting role in 2016 for the film ‘Drukdra Lingpi Tashi’ directed by Wangchuk. He has acted in12 films till date and was last seen in ‘Gaki Choelu Ga’ in 2018.

5. Chencho Dorji

Chencho Dorji with his son

Chencho Dorji kicked off his acting career in 2005 in ‘Tshering Meto’ with a supporting role. He continued taking supporting role in films such as ‘Sergyel’ (2007) and Golden Cup (2007). His break though came with ‘Singye Galem’ (2008) in which he took a lead role. His performance was well received and the film was commercially successful.

He won best actor award for the film, ‘Saday’ (2008) ‘Chisem Chilu’ (2010), ‘Shada Simo’ (2012) and ‘Samoo’ (2014). He has acted in more than 35 films as of 2019.  

In 2018, he started a reality singing show the ‘Voice of Bhutan’.

4. Kencho Wangdi

Kencho Wangdi

The Iron Man of Bhutanese Cinema, Kencho Wangchi, debuted in 2005 in ‘Kikhor’. He won the best new comer award. He then appeared in ‘Sergyel’ (2007) and ‘Kikhor 2’ (2008). He is also a song composer, singer, director and producer.

In 2019, he produced, directed and acted in the film, ‘Superstar’. The film was received well by the audience.  He has appeared in more than 10 films as of now.

He started reality singing show, ‘Druk Super Star’ in 2010 and it is now an annual event.

3. Gyem Dorji

Gyem Dorji

Gyem Dorji is a writer, actor and director and most loved actor in Bhutan. Although debuted in ‘Damtshi Pangtsu’ in 1997, He gained popularity in 2001 for the role of father in ‘Chepi Bu’ which also earned him best supporting actor award. He then went to appear in successful films Nyenda Dra (2003), Lengo (2004), Choedha Jigten (2005), and 49th day (2006). All of his latter films were critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

He has won numerous awards for his performance and writing. Till date, he has appeared in more than 30 films.

2. Nidup Dorji

Nidup Dorji (in black)

Nidup Dorji began his entertainment career as a singer 1990s. He has sung more than 300 songs. He debuted in the film ‘Damtshi Pangtshu’ in 1997. His next, ‘Jigdrel’ (1998) played opposite Tshenring Yangden was the first blockbuster in the Bhutanese cinema.

He took home best actor award in 2007 for the film ‘Sangwi Charo’ and in negative role for the films ‘Choeten Kora 2’ (2010) and ‘Boom Bada Chenmi Rinzi’ (2017). He appeared in more than 50 films till date.

He started reality singing show ‘Bhutan Star’ in 2008. He discontinued the show after third season. He continues to act write, direct and act in films.

1. Tshering Gyeltshen

Tshering Gyeltshen

The multi-talented and the man of professionalism, Tshering Gyeltshen is an actor, writer, director, producer and an occasional singer. He started entertainment career in 2001 in the film, ‘Chepi Bu’ which won him the best actor award. His then directed and acted in ‘Hingtam’ (2002) which was loved by the audience especially youth. His 2004 starrer, ‘Wai Charo’ won best actor award for the second time.

He started his own production house, TGMI, and produced Muti Thrishing, the perfect girl (2005) and Thank You Sir (2016). He wrote, directed, produced and acted in both the films that became critically acclaimed and commercially successful, and won awards for best script, best director, best actor and best film. 

Tshering Gyeltshen played as lead in legendary story of ‘Boom Badha Chenmi Rinzin’ in 2016.

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