1. To see the highest unclimbed mountains of the world

Located on the southern end of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan’s mountains are some of the salient geographical features ranging from an elevation of 160 meters to more than 7,000 meters above sea level.

Though the mountain climbing in Bhutan is banned, you get to see beautiful snowcapped mountains. Gangkar Puensum, standing at the elevation of 7,570 meters is the highest unclimbed mountain peak of the world.

2. To try Himalayan Viagra

Bhutan has its own Viagra. It’s not formulated but grows naturally in the mountains. Known as Yastsa Gunbu, Cordyceps are mushroom used for centuries to promote overall health and treat various health conditions from impotence to cancer.

You will find it in the form of capsules, in the form of tea and in powder. You should definitely try it.

3. To breathe in carbon negative air

Bhutan’s constitution requires the government to maintain at least 60% of land under forest cover but Bhutan has more than 72% of total land area under forest. Though, Small population and absence of overdevelopment has contributed to forest preservation, environment preservation is one of the 4 pillars of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan’s guiding development philosophy. 

Forests in Bhutan have the capacity to absorb 6 million tons of carbon annually whereas Bhutan emits only 1.5 million tons of carbon in a year. Thus, Bhutan is not only carbon neutral but the only carbon negative country in the world.

4. Drink holy water

Glaciers and springs are source of drinking water. Some spring waters are not just plain water but are sacred and holy. Whether you travel from Paro to Thimphu or from Thimphu to Punakha or Wangdi and beyond, you will encounter with holy spring waters on the way.

Holy waters are associated with deities and great figures. Therefore, springs in Bhutan are believed to cure certain ailments. Drinking spring waters from Bhutan may solve your problems.

5. To see smiles

Bhutanese are a humble, warm and open people. They just keep on smiling and laughing. When visiting Bhutan, you will be greeted with smile from the day 1 till you exit Bhutan. Therefore, it is a politeness to return their smiles.

6. To taste wild vegetables

You must be tired of eating chemically processed food. Even if it is from the garden, it may be full of pesticide residues.

Bhutan’s lush forest gifts it people with a varieties of edibles such as ferns, mushroom, flowers, shoots and so on. You should taste the fresh, organic and natural vegetables brought direct from forests.

7. You visit as a guest, not as tourist

Once you enter the Bhutanese soil, you are not considered tourist but a guest and you are taken care until your departure.

The agent will provide you with an SUV and a guide. Your hotel (above 3 stars) and food (according to your taste) are also arranged in advanced. What else you need? Are you not VIP? Your experience in Bhutan will definitely change your life and outlook towards it.

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