Located on the southern end of the Eastern Himalaya, Bhutan’s mountains are rugged terrains and are some of the most prominent natural geographic features. The high peaks have perpetual snow, and the lesser mountains and hewn gorges have high winds all year round, making them barren brown wind tunnels in summer, and frozen wastelands in winter. Mountains are source of rivers that are fed by glacial melt and monsoon rains.

Mountains are considered the abode of gods and deities. For this reason, climbing on mountains are banned in Bhutan. History mentions visit to mountains by numerous Buddhist masters for pilgrimage and meditation and therefore, it’s holy and sacred.  

1. Gangkar Puensum

Gangkar Puensum

It lies along the Bhutan-Tibet border and is the highest mountain in Bhutan with an elevation of 7,570 metres. Its name means ‘White Peak of the Three Brothers.’ It is considered the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

2. Jichu Drakey

Jichu Drakey

At the height of 6,970 metres, Juchu Drakey is a companion to peak to Jomolhari. Its name means the ‘rocky sound of bird.’ People of Paro venerate it as tutelary deity.

3. Tongshanjiabu


Tongshangjiaphu is 7,207 metres tall in the disputed border territory between Bhutan and China.

4. Kula Gangri

Kula Gangri

Its exact location is much disputed subject. Some has reported it to be fully inside Bhutan while some sources located it in China. It stands at 7538 metres.  

5. Jomolhari


Jomolhari straddles at the height of 7326 metres between the border between Tibet and Bhutan.  

6. Kangphu Kang

Kangphu Kang

Located along the Tibet-Bhutan border, its measures 7,205 metres.

For spiritual belief, Government of Bhutan banned climbing of mountains higher than 6,000 metres in 1994 and in 2004, mountaineering is completely banned.

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