1. Bhutanese are fluent English speaker

Tourists at ease in Bhutan

Bhutan has around 20 languages including Dzongkha, the national language but the medium of modern education is English in schools except for Dzongkha. Speaking in English has become so comfortable to Bhutanese. Even Illiterate farmers can speak some English words. More than English, people speak Hindi (Indian), so fluent.

2. No private hospitals in Bhutan

Government hospital

All Bhutanese citizen receive free health care services both in traditional medicine and modern medicine. Even if a patient has to be referred abroad for treatment, the government bears the cost of travel and medical expenses. Common medical destinations are India and Thailand.  In line with providing free healthcare services, privatization of hospital is not allowed in the country.

3. Education is free till 12 standard

The royal government of Bhutan bears the cost of educating every child up to class 12 except for those who get enrolled in private schools. Bhutan has some private schools, from nursery to college, for those who do not want to enroll their children in government schools. After class 12, those who get good marks, are given scholarship to study in government colleges. But those who cannot meet the scholarship mark can either join private colleges within and outside Bhutan at their own expense or join government owned vocational training institutions.

4. Bhutan has no beggars

a farmer in Bhutan

Bhutan is still one of the least developed countries but every Bhutanese have a shelter to live in. Bhutanese work and earn bread. Slavery was banned in the 1960s with awarding of land by the King. Even today, the King grants lands to landless.  Again, Bhutan is not the happiest country in the world but Bhutan inspires other to be happy.

5. Bhutan is heaven for dogs

Tourists playing with dogs

Bhutan’s population is around 0.6 million and population of dog is estimated to be around 0.2 million. That means, a dog for 3 person. Dogs are problem especially at night as they bark. Bhutanese are used to it while tourists have been complaining about it. the government is working on a strategy to manage the dog population in the country. Killing is not a solution. Even striking is not.  

6. 6 months maternity leave for female civil servants

a civil servant on maternity leave

Female civil servants, after delivery, gets a maternity leave of 6 months basic pay, house rent allowance, difficulty allowance and high altitude allowance. Once baby completes 6 months, mother get 1 hour a day for feeding. Paternity leave in Bhutan is 10 days.  

7. Funeral in Bhutan is expensive

Monks chant prayers for the departed soul

Funeral rites are expensive in Bhutan. For rebirth of the departed soul to a higher realms, rituals are performed on the 7th, 14th, and 21st day. A couple of monks are required to perform rituals and prayers. The cremation happens on a separate day on the advice of the astrologer. Again, ritual is performed on the 49th day and after completion of a year.

8. No alcohol on Tuesdays

Alcohol is bad for health but it is essential element of Bhutanese culture. Alcohol is almost involved in everything: from celebration to offering. To control alcohol consumption, Tuesdays are marked as Dry Day or No Alcohol Day and the bars are be closed. Even on other days, no bars serve alcohol before 01:00 PM.

9. Driving limit is 60km/hr on highways

Tourist on bike on Bhutanese road

Roads are narrow in Bhutan and speed limit on highways is 60km/hr. There will be cops hiding and monitoring the speed. An offender gets slapped with a huge sum of fine.  

Offering in rituals

10. Bhutanese perform rituals cure diseases

Bhutanese believe is spirits. Spirits are believed to reside in the mountains, lakes, forest, river, temple and debris. When diseases strike, people call monks and shamans to perform rituals to ward off diseases though the mainstream healthcare is provided free by the government.

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